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Dieter Jansen was born  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on September 17, 1969.  At the young age of 4 he worked on his first TV commercial.

15 years later he landed his first „real” acting role on TV.  Then at the age of 26 after several years of acting he did his first voice acting part. 

It is here Dieter found his new passion as he soon became one of the most sought after cartoon voices in the Netherlands.

In 2006 Dieter made a life changing decision based on a statement from a producer friend. This friend told him his US clients picked Dieter’s voice overwhelmingly.  Dieter responded with: ” Well, if these Americans love my voice that much, why am I still here in the Netherlands?” At the time Dieter was only joking but a seed was planted. Soon afterwards Dieter scheduled a stay in the US. He went to Los Angeles in 2007 to see if he could make it in the Entertainment Capitol of the World.  After spending 6 months in LA, Dieter decided to make the BIG move. After some time and much preparation he moved to Los Angeles in 2013.  Within a year he booked a recurring roll in a new DreamWorks cartoon show.  Dieter Jansen is the very first Dutch voice actor ever who has achieved this. During his time in the US he became a permanent resident and is currently working fulltime to fulfill his dream, now his American dream: To become one of the most sought after cartoon voices in the US…..and more….

To be continued:……

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